Lake Michigan erosion house
Lake Michigan Erosion
Lake Michigan Erosion

Protect your shoreline from erosion!

Contractors Marine always endeavors to represent our clients best interest in all fields of construction. Due to the current high lake levels and the resulting erosion, the lack of common construction standards, and the shortage of contractors many projects are being completed that, in our opinion, don’t meet that standard. We are not interested in quoting less for less construction with ever declining size and tons of rock or light weight short sheet piling being installed and the resulting limited project service life.

Our current focus is the essential protection of clients lakeshore properties either by controlling erosion with the installation of Shore Savers modules or utilizing our extensive heavy haul experience to move houses and other structures to safety. More details here.

Please explore these websites and contact us with any questions we may be able to answer or should you wish to schedule an initial consultation at our expense.